My son, Wyatt, shot his first deer yesterday during Iowas youth season. It was with a 20 guage slug but figured you guys would still appreciate it. We were sitting in seats in front of a small evergreen for breakup when a nice doe and 2 yearlings came by us at around 35 yards. The grass and stuff was tall enough that sitting at ground level he couldn't get a good shot cause the body of the big doe was covered. They scampered on past us into the trees and disappeared. About 15 minutes later they came back out and this time when presented a shot, Wyatt stood up and started shooting. It was like a war. I think he missed the first shot. But the deer couldn't see where the noise was coming from so they only ran like 30 feet then stopped and let him keep shooting. He hit her right in the right front shoulder and they all ran back into the woods. We didn't find any blood and he was sure it was because he missed her. I told him I knew he hit her and to calm down cause she fell twice trying to run away. It was obvious. But what wan't obvious to me was how vitally she was hit. It was a narrow strip of timber on the edge of a picked field so we spread out and just walked through there. About 100 yds into the strip we saw her struggling, but almost expired. By the time we got to her she had expired. The slug busted her shoulder and tore through her vitals. I figure she weighed about 150 lbs. She was an average doe. No monster but not a baby either. I am guessing considering Iowa deer, that she was maybe a 2nd year deer.

first deer.jpg