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    Default More on my Alien X

    Well the local shop-not a Martin dealer- replaced the string with my new backup string due to wear on the upper serving and general wear. Noticed the draw stop was not located properly and allowing the cams to over rotate causing the top control cable to ride on the edge (end) of the top module. The shop checked time and called it was good but even as a new owner I know to check dual cam timing at full draw. The shop didn't have a draw board, so I rigged up a setup to check at full draw at home and they were obviously off. I think I have the cams close now. The bow holds good and accuracy is really good hiting nocks at 30 yds-ouch. I'll check time again after shooting more as I have only shot 30 or so arrows. So I traded my Mathews SB for some speed but now face noise, lotta noise. I've searched this forum and A/T and have some ideas but if anyone has eliminated the noise associated with some X's please advise. Could send it to Joel, but hope to handle it myself...TIA!
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