seriously when i first started archery at the archery range, where you pay and have a wooden bow and a coach to teach you about shooting.
I never though so much of a bow knowledge can go so deep under.
Fletcher, bow press, vanes, arrow tips, knocks, inserts, cutter... so and so...

at first, definately we only think a bow and a few arrow will get to a happy shooting.

THEN starting to pickup and compound bow to enjoy this sport. i realize there is so many things to learn, and also equipment to buy along learning and educating myself.

Now i end up bunch of stuff in the closet that to support shooting, beside the bow.
Lucky i dont built my own string and cable. this one leave to Hutch~n~Son to figure it out.

So no suprise, where there is ppl, have the $$$ and yet to be educated in archery, they send their bow for tuning, and anything, and as time goes by, they will one day knows, oooh... it just that easy to do it....