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Thread: Bummer; cows have invaded my spot

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    Something else you could try Bob, put a good sized piece of a brightly colored fabric, yellow or red, on the other side of the field away from your freshly invaded stand area, it seems that cattle are attrected to brightly colored objects in their pasture. I found this out when as a youth I set up a Yellow two man tent in a remote corner of a cow pasture, came back a hour latter and it was surounded by cattle. It might work, and certainaly worth the try.
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    Thanks Elkslayer; I only have a couple more days to hunt, too much traffic on the weekends for me. I went into a place yesterday that I think the deer have moved into, but it is Hands and Knees type thick, I am too beat up to do that anymore so I will probably try to find a place just outside of it to make a stand.

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