Hi Bro n sis out there,

i just got myself a pair of barndales limb from the classified from other forum. exactly what i looking for.
My current limb is the 135 which is 45-60# limb. i got a set of 155 suppose to 35-50# am i right.. i mean if its put on my Nemesis on a 2.0cam.

Was planning to put it on for target shooting, coz i have seen and experience twice and come out a perception and thought that, lower poundage bow always in the lead in target shooting. Maybe because they dont wear out fast, as there are not drawing heavy bows. So i now also dont want to waste so much of power to draw a bow, and hopefully i can sustain the long competition rally.

before i actually put my hand on the limb to swap it.
- Anyone have ideas, does it change the letoff?
- Does it effect the draw length say i put back the current string and cable setting.
- anyone use any special tools for removing the e-clip? or a set of plier will do???
(All and all, every setup remain the same, and only change on the bow is the limb poundage)

all suggestion, recommendation and helps is most welcome....

thanks in advance.