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Thread: Youngin's goin hunting!

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    I wish you two the best!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow Splitter View Post
    No deer today, it was somewhat windy at times, so not as quiet as I like when I'm hunting. I've usually only seen deer on the quiet days. My sister was in the blind, and went home before I did. I did see two porcupines, a few birds, a chipmunk, and a squirrel.

    That is hunting all about.
    i always come back empty handed, and the wife will asked "what is the fun going in the woods, bitten by mosquitoes, and end up nothing...wasting of time"

    Some how, i hate squirrel, they make a lot of noise, if there are spook by human.
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    Sounds like you have raised and taught them well. Well enough to take it on their own and have the confidence to go on their own. That's what "passing it on" is all about. It also shows that they get along and as they get older they can get along well persuing an activity taught to them by the ole man. Kuddos to them both, even if they don't get a deer right away. It'll be times they, and you, remember the rest of their lives. Let the good times roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEN RING View Post
    did you get a chance to go out at all with the fire danger?
    We could have hunted on the east side of I-5, but its all BLM over there, and every week-end archer with a 12 pack is hunting over there. Both Elkslayer and I get real irritated when we see beer cans tossed out on the side of the forest roads, and what even scarier is coming around a corner, and seeing a beerbox hung on a branch overhanging the road with a bunch of bullet holes in it. Beer season ( what we call rifle season ) will be opening next week -end, and those guys are also out there, sighting in. So we decided to forego our last day of Elk season, and the end of this deer season, we have another season in Nov, Bear will be open till Dec 31st.
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    Exciting stuff! I've almost only gone with my father or step father and i'm 28! It's good to have a hunting buddy and it's that much cooler when it is family. I'm hoping to get my oldest (4) in the blind this fall. He did tell me "But I don't have a bow to shoot them, we'll need to get one"
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