Wabbit and I got back on Friday night from a week of deer hunting in north central WA. I took my first deer with my new Cougar FC, Wabbit took his first with his Onza 3 and our buddy took his first with a bow. This is where I really need to thank Martin for makeing the FC so easly adjustable. Our buddy has a Bowtech Genral (sorry for swearing) that Neither Wabbit or I could get to tune to save our lives (viens are hitting the cable, something is not right). We where able to adjust my Cougar FC in matter of 90 minutes total from 70#'s at 30 1/4" true draw to about 57#'s and 29" draw and tune it for GT 5575 arrows. Thanks to Wabbit for the help with that. Long story short, our buddy was able to tak his first deer with my bow and not waste his season.

My deer:

She was standing broadside 51 yards away and didnt have a care in the world. With my first shot, the string hit my sleeve sending the arrow to the right and hitting a tree. a Piece of bark flew over the does head and she still just stood there. As I nocked another arrow our buddy took a shot and the arrow hit the ground 20 yards in front of her. She still didnt move (she wasnt that smart I guess). I got my second arrow nocked and as I drew back the sleeve knocked it off the string. I got the arrow to fall to the ground, re-nocked it and drew again making sure to hold my arm out so it didnt hit the sleeve again. Put my pin in the pocket and let her fly. The string still hit my sleeve slightly but the arrow was only back a little bit. Liver shot. The blood trail was fantastic and she only went about 100 yards or so. I hit something important.

Our buddies deer:

I take parial blame, heres why.

The doe was standing at 30 yards quartering hard towards us. He asked if he should take the shot, I told him I would wait but it was up to him. He drew and I told him where to aim. he let the arrow fly. As she took off I could see the front leg was broken and it looked like he had hit her too low. We gave her some time and looked for the arrow. No luck.No arrow, no blood, no hair. I decided that we would take a drive and waste some time. My buddy was sure that he saw the fletchings sticking out of her as she ran down the hill. On our way back to camp, we took another look and found some convincing sign. Still no blood, but I felt like we had a direction and a little drainage to focus out search in. We ran down to camp, talked it over with Wabbit and all decided to take one last solid look to locate her. After about 45 minutes and 200 yards our buddy found some blood on a ranchers road bed. We started to follow a trail and just kind of fan out knowing she would be in that bottom someplace. Our buddy that shot her found her another 150 yards down the drainage and was totally stocked. Wabbit and I were super happy we found her.

I will leave it at that and Wabbit I am sure will continue with his story..............

Sorry guy's, Wabbit and I were too stupid to remember to take pics.