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Thread: Cam upgrade/swap?

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    Default Cam upgrade/swap?

    I think some have posted about this before - would be cool if there was an upgrade package offered to switch out from a XT to Nitro cams. I know the cams are pricey and by the time all is said and done, you aren't that shy from just buying another bow with the Nitros on it. I don't see it as something that I would do unless the price and possibility was there to throw the Nitros on my Bengal. Think it would be awesome to have them on there - but will probably look at a 2013 with those cams anyway ... we'll see.
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    It's not just a prblem of the cost of the cams. The bows draw weight range would probably change and new limbs might have to be had. Think of it this way. It would be more cost effective to sell what you have and just buy another new bow.
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    Or, buy another bow with the dual cams, and add it to your COLLECTION... then you're not only an archer you're a collector and connoisseur.
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    How i wished, the cams and limbs are sell in the market in a low prices.
    We can do our own swap and experiment it.

    who knows martin come out with aftermarket cam and limbs with fancy color and design... hehehehe... dreaming.

    too bad, there arent.

    Just wonder, if the cam and limb costed so much. i wonder how they come out with the bow price where riser is included. does the cam and limb cost more then the riser?

    just my opinion, and im the type that likes to try on many many type of limb.
    I just want to try out which deflection suits me the best. thats all.
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