Some are just impossible to get through and avoid. Poor guy over on AT is having problems with the "M" company - not getting much help from their CS. While pointing out that his situation sux and hope he gets it taken care of, I made simple comment (not sure why I bothered because I figured this would happen) that my local guy says they are one the hardest to work with for CS purposes to show a little simpathy. Said they told him he needed to be an exclusive dealer or they wouldn't work with him on warranty issues. So he chooses not to work with them in return or order/carry their bows. Nothing wrong with that.

Enter the fanboys that immediately jump in and say my dealer is lying or full of crap and can't be held to the high standards it takes to be a "M" dealer - he probably isn't a dealer because he does shady side business that "M" doesn't allow, blah blah. Really ... because I said the same thing that a couple others say and point out you aren't going to have these problems with PSE, Bowtech, Hoyt you should just shoot them instead ... blah blah - yep they get it too. However did I point out that he should be shooting something else, just said that where I call home this wouldn't be an issue.

Again, not sure why I bother ... some people are just that ridiculous.