Anyone reading this may remember that I did a broadhead test on the 100 Grain Swhacker, a few months ago. At the time I was fairly impressed with the perpetration, and performance........well that has all changed!!.

I went hunting with them....but I didn't check every broadhead to make sure they were sharp. The one I did the test on months ago was like an idiot, I figured they all were ,...... WRONG!!!

Someone posted that they had bought some and they were dull. I checked 2 of the 6 and they were sharp...the rest were dull as hell!!

As you can guess the one that I shot a decent 8 point with was dull . I was fortunate enough to find the deer, but only because of my determination. The shot was a little far back(liver), but if the broadhead had gone all of the way through, I would have easily recovered the deer.
The broadhead only went it about 10". The tip broke off, and all that it hit was a couple of ribs, on the way in. The broadhead stuck in the liver.
Very little blood to track... for about 300 yds.

I should have checked each and every broadhead......or maybe I should have listened to Thermodudes' advise. I was lucky this time....but the end result, even though it surprised me was that.......SWHACKERS SUCK!!!!!