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Thread: My son's Savage Model 10 .243 rifle. He's ready!.

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    Second day is over with. Crazy!. We didn't come across or glass any other hunter. It's been raining and there was a cold breeze. We didn't see not one deer most of the day, not a doe yearling or buck until we where coming down the mountain. There were some does and yearlings, and a couple non legal bucks out there. Not one legal 3 point buck to be seen. My neighbor Mike had seen a small 3 point buck at last light yesterday come down a certain path but it was too dark to shoot. So we planned on heading up the mountain where theirs a plateau and we would set up an ambush on him. We had a great vantage point...not one deer came by at all. We had a good 800 yard circle view around...Nothing. not even other hunters. Then it started raining. I like to take pics but forgot my Iphone at home but had another camera on me.

    I got the MIGHTY HUNTER in a Pic!. he took the Elk Mountain Slip System and his sweater and propped up against a bush to get out of the winds and rain. it kept him and his Iphone dry. LOL. If a deer came by it would have been the safest deer around.

    Mike and I stood watch in the rain. I really was hoping to get a buck for Mike. Being that he got laid off on Friday. It would have helped with filling his freezer. he has to return to the city tomorrow. I was hoping he would stay longer and we would go out again while my son is in school, rifle season is only till the 21ist. I asked him if he might be interested in trying bowhunting. I told him that i would see if i could get my PSE bow fixed and drop the DW to 50 and see if it would be something he would be interested in. I didn't tell him but If he liked it, I am gonna give it to him. I told him Hunting during archery season is way different that rifle season. I think I peeked his interest. He's a WW2 rifle collector and is actually hunting with a Russian Mossin nagant rifle with no Scope.

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