Hi all, I just wanted to share the story of my bow season this year. I just got back into bows last year, my driving factor was the season is longer and I enjoyed them when I was younger. I need a longer season as I work 6 to 7 days a week and change shifts every month. Last season I hunted at my cousins and still can hunt that land, but it is a drive for me to get there and opportunities to hunt would be limited with my work schedule. I hunted last season at my cousins and passed a small eight point that walked under my stand. My cousin has around 100 acres with food plots, feeders, stands, and blinds in place. Anyway, given the limited time I have I was at a cook out at my mom and dads. I said hey I think I want to put a stand in the wood lot behind the house. When I was a kid mom and dad bought an extra lot behind the house, it has oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, you get the point hardwoods.

I don't know the acreage of the lot, but it is about 50 yards by 50 yards, I can see the house from the back of the lot. This lot is close to my work and I can hunt there between shifts making it ideal for me. In July my wife bought me a ladder stand for our anniversary, so I picked a location for it on the lot and drove to the owner of the property around the lot to get permission to track a deer if I shot one. I knew with the small lot that a hit deer was not going down on it, well 99.9% sure. The owner gave me permission so my hunt began in July. August I put out a mineral block and trail cam to monitor the activity on the lot. I started getting doe pictures and knew if I could hold them there the bucks would follow. September I put a feeder out and started getting pictures of bucks on the trail cam.

Opening day I knew bucks were coming in late afternoon early evening with no real pattern on the days. So I went to my stand and set in for an afternoon hunt after a nite shift and luckily I was off the next day. Well at 5:45 curly tine started heading up one of the trails through the lot. I watched him come up the trail eating acorns along the way he hit the small window I had from my stand. I began to draw and he looked up straight at me so I froze he went back to the acorns and I drew. The deer raised his head and turned to right and I took the quartering away shot, he bucked up and dropped within site of the stand. He is a small eight point, but he his the first whitetail bow harvest for me and my nemesis. I have taken deer with gun, but that is not even close to bow hunting. I said originally it was a 35 yard shot, that was an estimate from my eye. I just bought a new laser range finder and pinged the tree he was next too and it was 33 yards. I passed on a small eight last year and went without a harvest, so I decided that was not going to happen this year. I do have a couple really nice bucks on trail cam from this same lot, so next year I will wait it out longer. I still have a doe tag for this year so who knows maybe another one for the freezer.