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Thread: Help me stay with Martin Bows! Teen Bow.

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    Default Help me stay with Martin Bows! Teen Bow.

    I had a chat with my father last night about my sons rifle hunt. After about 45 minutes of talking he brought up that he needs to go out with daddy bow hunting where theirs less competition and more game and less pressure. I agreed. So dad tells me....Why don't you pick the proper bow that will grow with him, that will last him several years and He would pay for the entire setup. ( I was screaming inside for joy). He said it will be grandma and pa's Christmas gift to him. He can't get it till Christmas but needs to start working on his accuracy and building strength so he can pull over 40 pounds with accuracy.

    You guys and gals know that I'm a Diehard Martin / Rytera loyalist. I measured my sons DL several times with his genesis and a Release. Measures to the Berger hole, he is 23 inches. I measure to the belly of the bow, its 23.5 inches. I don't see a teen "real" hunting bow that will fit the bill for my son. If I don't go with Martin I'll be buying a Diamond Infinite edge or a Darton Ranger X

    Diamond Infinite edge

    Draw length from 13 to30 and a weight of 50 to 70 pounds

    Darton ranger X

    Draw length 17-28 Draw weight 15-50

    What's you opinions? I want to stay all Martin. But the DL might be an issue.
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