Just bought a 2011 Alien Z and have been trying to tune it to get good arrow flight. I am pretty new to this so you will have to excuse my inexperience. Set the centershot by lining up the bowstring with the rest and shot through paper at 6 feet. Nock tear left adjust the rest almost to the riser -- very strange looking setup. I still get a nock tear left but it is small less than 1", but I want a bullet hole like my Onza. I thought for a minute that maybe I had a spine issue until I turn the bolts out 3 turns and still tore left with a 340 spine and 100 grains. Put on a 400 spine with a 125 grain tip and still tore left. I thought what the heck and moved out to about 8-10 feet with bareshaft 30 inch 340 spines at 60 lb draw weight and shot arrows and moved rest until the arrow went straight into the target. This thing is shooting really good bareshafts out to 10 feet but man it looks strange. I went to my local dealer that doesn't really sell any Martin bows just has a sticker on the window and he looked at me like I was nuts. He asked me if I had the rest laser aligned, and almost died laughing. I think that I am around 3/4" off of the riser with the center of the rest and at full draw I see some cam lean probably from the cable roller STS? I checked the tiller, however I am not sure how that would affect this? The timing of the cams looks good. I would like to try to adjust the cam lean at full draw, how do I do that? I imagine that I need a press to twist cables? I realize that I shouldn't get so hung up on this since I will probably be able to get good arrow flight, but this doesn't look anything like the Onza and I can't help to think that I have an issue?