Archery Club is going to have 100 yard shoot to determine if someone can win a free membership, sooooo to day I dropped my 50 yard pin to the bottom of the sight and jacked up the peep untill I was hitting a Rineheart 18/1 target about 1/2 the time, first time ever shooting at 100 yards. This is strickly a fun shoot. My 50lb Onza throws a pretty good arch with my 450 grain hunting arrow. I came home and actually put a stabilizer on my bow, something I never hunt with. I can move my peep easily, Whisperlite requires no siezing, I just insert a string spreader and can slide the sight wherever I want. Think I will try a 380 grain arrow tomarrow. Any advice on how to get the most out of THIS rig would be appreciated, front sight is the IQ 4 pin, Thanks, bob