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Nice doe Coastie! What part of the Cascades do you hunt? When I moved from eastern oregon to western washington, I tried hunting blacktail up north of Seattle, but man they're like ghosts in this thick wet vegetation! Especially if you've got a buck tag; I'd never hunted so hard for deer in my life!

That's why I started hunting the east side of Washington, its more like home, even though I don't have access to farm land like I did back home. I guess I'm just a wuss! Can't hang with you Coastals!
Hey im not to far from ya I hunt island county the most I live in camano island. they are like ghost especially if you are use to hunting whitetail and muleys you dont see them like you do when your hunting muleys and whitetail. but they are there and they are everywere I use camera,s alot because it gives me confidence that they are there. also remember you live in the apple state now use it to our advantage blacktail love apples. I use to hunt unit 101 for whitetail I love hunting the north east side but anymore I cant get enough blacktail by far my fav deer to hunt. I will post some pic of a few target deer my boy and I are after for late seasson I have to download them.