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    Default Toxonix Target Sight

    I've got an older Toxonics Model 5000 with a 9 inch extenion bar, complete with a 1.5" HHA modified scope. the scope has an Extreme Fire up pin with 5 feet of .10 fiber optic. Have over $150 invested ( got it used ) in the sight and scope, I'll let it go for $100, you pay the shipping. It is NOT assembled in this photo.

    In order to get it into the smallest USPS Flat Rate Priority box, I had to disassemble the extention bar, the following photos show how it re-assembles, first attach the T piece to the extention, with the cap screws that are taped into place in the T piece.

    Next fasten the extentention T to the back side of the Elevation block. Shown here with out the extention attached.

    The scope body mounts with the knurled knob towards the Toxonics label side onto the sectioned brass plate B. The large silver knob A on the front of the sight block locks the sight in place, loosen a bit to move with top or bottom silver knurled knobs, loosen several turns and you can make large movements.
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