I have been throwing arrows with the same bow since 2001 and I have finally made up my mind that it is time for a new bow. I just can't decide what is right for me. Martin has so many options that sorting everything out is a handful. Martin has treated me with nothing but pleasure and success since the late 80's (started with a Nugent Pro Safari) and I see no real reason to go any other direction. I am now looking to replace my Cougar 2000 with something more modern. The new bow has to be something well rounded as I hunt, shoot indoor and outdoor league and 3D. I've been trying to find a shop within a reasonable distance that stocks Martin products but thus far I am coming up short as the closest options only stock one or two Martins and order everything else. Heck I've searched most of Michigan dealers listed as Martin Pro-Shops and no one stocks much if anything. Unfortunate as I'd like to fondle before I purchase, obviously. Worst case I guess I buy online and hope for the best.

Right now I've been contemplating a Cougar FC (Or 2011 Firecat 400) or an Alien Ultralight (or 2011 Alien X). I may receive some criticism but the bridged risers just haven't grown on me, at least visually, so I am looking to stay with a straight riser setup. I am 5' 7" with a DL between 27 and 28 inches. The Cougar 2000 is set at 62 lbs, 28 inches and 65%.

Enlightenment please?