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Thread: Nitro 1.5 vs Nitro 2.0 Cams

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    Default Nitro 1.5 vs Nitro 2.0 Cams

    Other than the draw length range difference what is the performance difference of the cams? If there is a previous discussion on this I have not been able to find it through the search function so I figured I would just ask.

    Only reason I ask is because eventually I'll have a Cougar FC with 1.5 cams and was wondering what I could expect to give up with the 1.5s set at the top of the DL vs the 2.0 cams at the bottom of the DL range.
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    From what I've read, the Nitro 2.0 cams where introduced for longer draw archers, and that there is'nt a performance difference. However, I have been incorrect a few other times.
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    This is sort of apples to oranges because you are talking about 2 different bows with the different cams.
    If on the same bow, set at the same specs, the 2.0's would have a bit smoother draw cycle and be just a hair faster.

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