at least it feels like again. I think I may have found the issue but thought I would ask you guys. So I cannot get rid of a tail left tear ( rh shooter) I have checked the timing and it seems good. I watch the cams enter into the mod at the same time.. Can timing off cause a left tear?? It can't be a weak arrow because I am shooting a goldtip 100+ arrows. Shooting 73 lbs so I am stiff on the arrows. Looks like in flight the arrow is fish tailing towards the target which says rest but when the paper shows a good tear how could this be?? Sould I ditch the paper and just watch the arrow flight?/ Thanks
Martins,ryteras seem to be givign me fits when it comes to tuning them. Everone one of the 3 I have had in the last year...No issues with my hoyts,bowtechs..pulling my hair out.. But I hope I have the issue fixed.