Have you tried bareshaft shooting within 5-6 ft from target without paper. Just look at how the arrow hits the target. If the nock is left -- I have been adjusting the rest to the right until I have a straight in impact. If you get good flight with bareshaft and not with fletched arrows look for contact issue with rest. The last rest that I tuned looked great bareshaft and then put on a FOB and watched the arrow corkscrew to the target. Found that the facial contact of the FOB was messing up the flight and 2 inch blazers were much better for me. Needless to say the FOBS were handed down to my son. I look at paper tuning as just a snapshot of the flight. If you really want to know the entire flight pattern you would have to shoot at different distances. You would think that the flight would be the worst in the first 4-6 ft? Also form can cause flight issues, have you tried torquing the bow slightly just to see what impact it has? It may give you some insight into what is happening on release.