Helping a friend sell a bow and am going over it trying to get it in spec before doing so. Draw length is WAY long!

2009 Martin Bengal

ATA is 32 1/4"- Right at spec.

BH is 7" (Maybe just a skosh under), but very close.

Put brand new strings on this summer and they have not been shot much. Made to proper length by reputable maker.

The cam (M2-Pro) has the F2 mod on it which is supposed to be 26" DL. I have a draw board and am getting 27 3/4" DL with the F2 mod!

The cam rotation seems to be proper from what I have read about the amount of track that should be exposed from the string, and the draw stop peg is in the center.

The bow shoots great and all, but I just cannot figure out why the DL is so long?

This is the only module we have so I cannot try a different one to see what happens.

Any ideas?