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Thread: Hello I am Lab Rat and I am addicted to Martin Archery

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    Default Hello I am Lab Rat and I am addicted to Martin Archery

    Hello I am Lab Rat and I am addicted to Martin Archery. On my son's 12th birthday this September he wanted to try bow hunting. I have never hunted anything with a bow, but have hunted the Black Hills of South Dakota and both East and West River deer. Everything including antelope, white tail, and Mule deer with rifles. Also I haven't hunted deer in over 20 years. My Dad did some archery hunting and he gave me his old Bear Whitetail Hunter and his old Onza 1. I currently live in Michigan. My Dad's old bows have been sitting in the basement untouched for at least 10 years. I bought my 12 year old a Diamond Razor Edge and setup the Onza for my 16 year old. I dislocated my arm building my current home about 5 years ago and figured that I would need to get a crossbow to hunt. So I purchased a Ten Point Wicked Ridge and shot the Bear just to see how my arm would feel. I literally sighted in the crossbow and set it aside -- boring. I kept shooting the Bear. It hurt a lot, but my arm and shoulders got strong pretty fast until my elbow did not bother me at all. I was shooting without a peep sight, with little let off, without a backwall and man I was having a great time. I bought my first bow from BFISHER, I thought that it was appropriate to buy the Onza 3 to continue with my Dad's travels. I love that bow, however once my 16 year old shot it, I knew I needed another bow. I traded my Wicked Ridge crossbow for a 2011 Rytera Alien Z that was listed on Craigslist for $300 about a month ago, and have been learning all I can from you guys on this site and have been tweaking that bow to make it shoot as good as the Onza 3. I bought a conversion kit to swap out the factory roller guard to the factory slide for $35. Bought a clearance Tilt Tamer from Lancaster's for $50. Dropped a $100 QAD Ultra Rest LD, installed a $100 HHA OL-5519, and lastly installed a 4 inch extension for the sight from Ebay for $35. This is the most fun I have been having with my boys in some time and Martin Archery is to blame for a lot of it. I looked at purchasing Mathews, PSE, and Hoyt but the initial investment is just way too high for someone getting started -- not knowing if they will continue with archery. Now that I am completely hooked my wife holds Martin Archery personally responsible. Here are some pictures of the first two arrows that I used to sight in the 4 inch extension.
    This is my first Robin Hood, and hopefully will have pics of my son's first whitetails this fall. Thank you Martin Archery and the Tech Forum.
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