My 13 year old son shot his first bird today. Actually a first for the family as the old man hasn't ever shot a turkey lol. We stalked through a thick 120 acre cedar thicket and after about 300 yards and 1 1/2 hours later we heard turkeys talking in the ravine about 100 yards ahead of us. We crawled on our hands and knees to a downed tree branch and waited till they walked out. He shot the lead, a nice jake, at about 25-30 yards. I thought there was 4 or 5 turkeys with him but when the shot rang off about 20 of them went mad. I couldn't believe it as I only saw 3 of them! My friend who owns the land told me 2 years ago him and his dad spotted 175 of them one morning while they were deer hunting. When I was a kid growing up 60 miles from here, a high school buddy of mine had to travel across missouri to turkey hunt with his grandpa. Now 25 years later, SW Iowa and NW Missouri are saturated.
Wyatts turkey.jpg