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Thread: WANTED Samick Sage or other Recurve .. Trading XBOX 360 + more

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    Default WANTED Samick Sage or other Recurve .. Trading XBOX 360 + more

    time to trade the xbox for another Recurve, if somone would be so kind

    i would like a RH Samick Sage with 30# limbs or a similar quality made, dependable no tool take down. i value my gear at $200-250 so i would hope to get a good string, and maybe a few good straight arrows. i dont care for sights, or stabalizers. just basic traditional. i have no arm guards, maybe i could use one. im a big guy, so i dunno.. a size XL maybe L. a case would be cool too. thanks

    ps. im not asking for all that, just thats what has my interest.. and if not takedown, then 64+ AMO one piece Right Hand recurve or longbow.

    what i have:

    XBox 360 console with 120gb hard drive, 11 games, 2 wireless controllers (1 is "excellent" and 1 has poor joystick). 2 recharge batteries and 2 battery packs that accept AA's). Recharge station (a little tempermental). one chatpad like-new, one good/fair headset. all the original cables and cords as well as 30ft of ethernet cable (for modem to play Xbox Live). ready to play online today.

    this console runs like new. never had RROD and never banned. WELL taken care of. adult owned. same with the games, all run without flaw. all cases and booklets included (no case for Madden 07) i might have my GTA IV guide book if i can find it. and i have a guide book for Fallout 3 also.

    games are Grand Theft Auto IV, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty World at War, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Left 4 Dead, UFC 2009 Undisputed, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Armored Core 4, Lost Planet, Madden NFL 07.
    Wanted to Buy:

    Damon Howatt Martin HUNTER amo 62" and 45# RH
    used but not abused.

    a cheap target bow atleast 62" and 35# maybe 30# RH

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    If you are not already looking on ebay, I'd suggest that you watch the recurve catagory for a while, whichj will show you what to expect to pay. There are a lot of Bear collectors who watch ebay, and most Bears will command high dollar, Then Martin Howatts, Martins and Herters next but Brownings, Shakespears, Indians, Roots, Wings, Drakes, Hoyts, Dartons, Black Hawks, and Ben Pearsons will sell for less.
    Martin 06 Slayer, Nitrous C, shoot thru, 63lb, Quiktune 3000, HAA OL 5519, Beman ICS Hunter
    Martin 06 Slayer, Nitrous C, Shoot thru, 55lb, Quiktune 3000, HHA OL 5519 2X, Easton A/C/C
    Ben Pearson 1968 'Cougar' 62" 45#s @ 28" recurve, parallel shaft POC, Zwickey 'Eskimo' 2 blade

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