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Thread: MOAB vs. Leopard vs. Mystic

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    Sky Warrior

    Default MOAB vs. Leopard vs. Mystic

    At 35 lbs draw weight and a draw length of 25.5 AMO with 180 and 220 grain arrows what are the differences between the MOAB, Leopard, Mystic with mini-M-Pro and Mystic wth Furious CAMS?

    shootability at 70 m (77 yd)

    Note I like a lighter weight/mass bow.


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    I would say the mystic is your best bet. The MOAB will be the fastest, both the M-pro's will be smooth, but the mystic is the target bow. furious cams are still plenty smooth, but have eons more tunability and precision, without the hassle of a cable guard, tuning for limb twist/cam lean, nock travel. If you get the X system that is, which I would reccommend.

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