I bought my Onza new in early june, and in august i suffered from severe cam lean and cracked limbs both top and bottom i sent it in and got it back mid September. With no more 3D shoots it was time to set it up for hunting. I put about 50-75 shots through it setting it up but it didn't feel like the bow i previously owned it was substantially slower and louder, which i still could never figure out cam timing was perfect and specs were all right. My Hammerhead strings had stretched prior to sending it in which martin replaced even though they didn't have to which i was greatly thankful for, but after getting it all set up for the woods i noticed severe serving wear on the new cables from my modules which had been replaced due to bolts being to tight to loosen, I wasnt going to mess with it until after season i figured it could make it through to shoot a couple deer, so now that my season is over i went to go file down the medal burs in my modules and found out my new limbs were cracked and my draw stop was rubbing on my limb every shot which actually took the paint off i do not know what would cause this problem but i know it is a problem.. lol anyway just letting it all out on here because i feel i should not have gone through this many problems on a bow that's just barely 6 months old, My dealer is about an hour away and last time i took my bow there he was not happy and hard to deal with so Im going to try and call Martin tomorrow at lunch and find out what can be done I feel as though i have suffered from every problem in the book you hear about on these forums. From my grip leather bunching up and side plate falling out to cracked limbs, cam lean so bad the side of the cam hits the limbs on the shot etc. Love the bow, Hate the problems i take great care of my equipment better then 99 percent of archers i know but Im giving Martin one more chance to make my bow right if not ill pass it on and look elsewhere, but Martins customer service i feel can pull through for this long time martin shooter, Hell only other bow company i have had a taste of was a Darton for 2 weeks which turned into another martin.
Sorry for the long Rant, Tom