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Thread: '12 Cougar FC vs '11 Alien Z Heads Up Shoot-out

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    Default '12 Cougar FC vs '11 Alien Z Heads Up Shoot-out

    With both in my hands I figured I would see how they performed in an equal competition.

    Cougar FC setup
    60# Power Tough limbs 1HP 9121
    Nitro 1.5 cams
    28" draw length
    max pull 61 lbs
    Limbdriver Pro V rest
    Copper John Gravedigger Bulls Eye sight
    D-loop (no nock sets) 5 grains
    CE kisser button - 5 grains with serving thread knots
    X-Factor string dampers 2@ 13 grains each

    Alien Z setup
    60# Barnsdale limbs #155
    Hybrix 2.0 cams
    28" draw
    max pull 58 lbs
    Limbdriver Pro V rest
    Copper John Gravedigger Bulls Eye sight
    D-loop with nock sets - 7 grains
    CE kisser button -5 grains with serving knots
    Cir-Cut whiskers - 34 grains total

    Ammunition - 27" CE Maxima Hunter 250 arrows with Blazer vanes - 347.1 grains actual measured weight.

    Release - Tru Fire Edge

    Chronograph - Beta Chrony @ 1 foot from bow - 10 consecutive shots from each bow


    Cougar FC

    Lo 267.1
    Hi 276.5
    Avg 271.5
    Spread 9.43
    Sd 2.64

    Calculatd IBO using average - 322 fps

    Alien Z

    Lo 281.6
    Hi 296.1
    Avg 286.5
    Spread 14.49
    Sd 4.12

    Calculated IBO using average - 340 fps

    Even with limb saver limb dampening buttons the Z has slightly more felt vibration.

    I feel the Cougar could benefit from some further tuning. The string serving is also very long, over 10 inches in length. The Nitro 1.5 cams have the general profile of the Hybrix 2 cams but are scaled down. The Cougar has an easier draw cycle with the smaller cams also. Not a huge amount but noticeable.

    Further thoughts and opinions?
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