Well I headed up to my shop today to tune the shadowcat in warmth, and I shot the mathews chill spyde30 and mathews creed and if anyone is interested here are my thoughts

Mathews chill was light weight and easy to draw and at the shot the bow melted in my hand it just felt great grip was nice and over all looks were sweet, but I hated the spongy back wall and the cam wanted to take off a little bit but It was easy to manage. Overall great shooting powerhouse of a bow and honestly looks like a bow I might pull the trigger on this year.

The mathews creed was jumpy with a hard draw cycle but was quick, quiet, and had a great back wall, very light fit and finish was good but the bow just was not anything special imo. The large solo cam did look nice.

The spyder 30 had little vibration and a slight bottom kick that a good stabilizer would eliminate, bow looked great draw was hard but I was never an rkt fan bow was light and I like the looks of the air shocks they really complete the bow. Solid bow I personally feel hoyt needs to change it up though that bow feels shoots and has similar specs the vector.