After the recommendations on AT, I ordered the Rigid Formaster from 3 rivers archery. I should have taped the first probably would have gotten some chuckles out of it. I read the booklet several times making sure I adjusted it properly. After some false starts with too short of a cord...I was off and running. Maybe it was first time jitters using the product. Nerves...Target panic!. Bow arm flinging off to the left and up and string arm flapping away like an albatross trying to land :teeth:

The sun was setting and the chill was getting to me. I got about 2 dozen shots in and called it a night. I'm hoping to resume tomorrow if the weather cooperates. As each shot progressed, I felt better about the product and felt more comfortable with it. :thumbs_up

Thank you to Sharp for the only Video I could find on the Rigid Formaster. I must have watched your video 2 dozen times. :thumbs_up The only other video I watched was a German Fella using the regular formaster. More pics on what it looks like in use and a Video to come when I have time.