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Thread: Limb fork question

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    Default Limb fork question

    I had to replace the limbs on my Shadowcat awhile back because they split. I just noticed that one of my new limbs is now tweeked at the fork. I noticed that with the new limbs I was getting a real bad flyer once in a while when I was shooting, I thought it was just me, but I ended up finding that my top cam was leaning real bad. I pulled the bow apart and layed the limb on a flat suface and measured the height of the fork tips. One was almost a 1/16 taller than the other, causing the cam to lean real bad. I have looked and looked at the limb and can not find any cracks or splits. Anyone else run into this ?
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    Sounds like you might have a twisted limb. What I'd do is swap them top to bottom and vise versa and see what happens. If the results aren't satisfactory then a call to Joel might be in order. I've found that any of the binary cammed bows exhibit a touch of cam lean (limb twist), but not much. Laying an arrow along the cam extended down the string I get about 1/4" of lean at the nocking point.
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