Back in the summer I managed to dislocate my right shoulder. I was offered surgery to relocate the collarbone, but I'm not that keen on someone sticking knives into me, and for his part the surgeon was not that persuasive about the operation, so for now, I'll live with a bump on my shoulder.

I have just decided that my shoulder is 'normal' enough for me to start archery again which the specialist said was fine, and I wondered is anyone here has anyone been through this.

I have wound one of my Shadowcat's back a bit, so instead of my usual 60lbs, it's probably nearer 50 or maybe even a little less, and I'm shooting OK, even for an out of practice finger shooter, but the first 1/3rd of the draw up is pretty uncomfortable, and I'd just like to know if it goes away, or if its just something I'm going to have to live with.