Big thanks putting in the time for all the replies. a 1/4" isnt a big deal and well within reason, but 1/2-1" is stretching it. if a bow is presumably 27-30" specs, and some run long and some dont, too me that means there may be to many variables involved in the manufacturing process or assembly. QC should take measurements,etc., and if it isnt what it is supposed to be then the spec sheet should be changed, or at the very least have the bow tagged at whatever it measured out too, imo. i read a thread where someone bought a bow(onza?) and it was too long/short etc., and then it just didnt work out for them, and that is preventable.
as far as the weight being over , i know that we're splitting hairs and not exactly in a controlled scientific testing lab, but people frequently purchase a bow based on its size/weight/dimensions. things like that need to be very close. on the other hand if it weighed less than specs i bet most folks wouldnt care .
phantoza i bet postage hasnt been exactly cheap to finland for all them martins from washington state, lol.. what does the onza weigh fully set up?