I shot the New Martins Yesterday........WOW!!! Very Nice!!!
AMAZING is the way i would put it! I was blown away!!
So much smoother, quieter, and IBO consistent with what's printed.

I shot them yesterday at my local shop. The X4 is really nice for $349 ish.....i mean it's NICE!
Quiet as Bear bows now. That bow is going to sell a ton!!
The Alien is Freaking out of this world......best bow i think i have ever shot. I shot those and the mathews. I would lean towards the alien for the $$$. Smoothness, speed, Noise, vibe, etc... The Martins were a fraction better in my opinion. It was close though, you couldn't go wrong with either brand.

But my point is..........Martin stepped up BIG TIME. They have me convinced that there heading in the right direction. I've been rough on them on here, but I can't be anymore. There that much better. Looks like the split limb is helping. Really like the fury cam. I think i like it over the accutrak cam....it's close. Fit and finish was a 9 out of 10. Mathews finish was better, but there finish is always good.

I'm confident that i'm going to own a 2013 for sure. At this point i'm leaning on the X4 blade, unless i can come up with the extra $$, then it's the Alien.
The bows look awesome! I'm a Martin believer again!!!!
Try one, you won't be dissappointed!

Good Job Martin.....no doubt your steering the ship in the right direction.