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Thread: Waitng for next year.....its not too long to wait

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    Default Waitng for next year.....its not too long to wait

    I was walking across the peach orchard to go check the stands today...(just getting out of the house). I looked down between the rows and found this arrowhead. It sent me straight into thinking about all the hunting that has gone on over this patch of earth. Some native American shot this arrow at something/someone hundreds of years ago and then walked around looking for his arrow for god knows how long. As the deer season winds down I get kind of bumed out that I have to wait so long to get back in the stand next year. Finding this arrow head kind of helped remind me that its just around the corner and 9 months isn't really that long to wait. I am sure a 100 years from now some contractor building a subdivision will find a broadhead and carbon arrow and think the same thing. Our trips to the woods are limited in number....ENJOY the short time you have to hunt while you are here doing YOUR time on this patch of earth.

    (I posted this over on AT this morning)
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