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    ok archers its well known what minute of angle in the shooting industry is, its NOT a new bow company lol (yet anyhow), i read somewhere that in archery MOA its something like a 2" group at 20yd , 4" at forty yd etc. it is common understanding that the heavy barrel rifles are designed to shoot under moa. some sporter weight rifles can accomplish that as well. OK the archery related question is this= What bow('s) could be considered as a unquestionably "tack driver " type bow ? as a hunting setup WITHOUT a 30" stabilizer ? i considered posting this on another sight , but that could get off topic quick . I'm not looking for "a world class archer can take a cheap bow and out shoot a novice with a flagship bow its all about practice& form etc," but what hunting bow/model stands out as being ones that their owners can say wow this thing was super accurate it could drive nails at 50+ yds ? feel free to post pics of some tight groups ! hey and if someone had a bow that couldnt hit a broadside of a barn ..bash away, lol.
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