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this has turned into a good thread guys, some really good accuracy examples and instructions. dont forget to add some info on your set-up or arrow combo's when possible.
I was a bit worried about telling about my setup or bow that I shot those groups with; but here goes:

2001 Bowtech Black Knight 2
left hand
dual cams
70.3# draw weight
28" draw modules ... (not sure how Bowtech measures draw length, these give approximately 29" AMO draw length)
6 1/2 brace hieght ... (if brace is set to manufacturer's 6 3/8", I had a very hard time getting the cams timed)
65% let off
405 grain arrow shooting at ~290fps

This is definitely not a M.O.A. Bow
The dual cam is a very radical cam and comes to full draw weight almost immediately and carries through the complete draw until it breaks and drops quick to the hold valley. If a person lets the draw creep forward; this bow will cure you of that nasty bad habit!!!! (I can only imagine what it would be like with 80% let off that it could have been ordered with)

One of my friends that is also left handed and draws a 70# bow, tried to draw my bow once and could not get it to the let off. He just told me; "you're nuts!"

I am replacing this bow as my primary hunting rig with the 2012 Martin Cougar FC. 60# limbs. Fury XT cam. What a treat to draw and hold!!!!!!