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got the chrony out today, here are the results.....limb bolts backed out 1 turn, 28.25 inch draw length, 400 hundred grain arrow and field point combo...speed275.0 fps....with the limb bolts tightened all the way, speed 285.0 fps. my alfamax shoots an honest 270.0 fps with the same set up as the first test...a pse 3g maxed out at 70 with a 30 inch draw and a 409 grain arrow shot 282 fps, note that it needed 2 more inches of draw to get that speed. i am more than happy with the speed of this nemisis, faster than my hoyt and a heck of alot more pleasent to shoot. im sure that with a 30 inch draw even with a 400 grain arrow the speeds would be over 300 fps.....the more i shoot it the more i love it
Awesome! Give us some pics please!