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    Default Rytera Nemesis Moment of Joy


    Last weekend, i proven to my host, that Rytera Nemesis can be use for target shooting, it started when they arguing early in the morning that my bow is for hunting because it's camoed color. Maybe the color had fool them.

    Started from qualifying round at 70m, all the archers using H*** bow, and only 3 P** bow, and im the only Martin bow, and one and the only camo bow. They dont even know Martin and Rytera Brand... nvm, Now they know.

    I take 3rd place for the qualifying round, move on to the quarter-final.

    The hard part comes the semi-final, the opponent is a x-state champ. i won by 2 point, and advance to the final.

    Another x-state champ. wow... tough game. I never thought i will go so far to the final.
    In the final after the 4th end. I down by 2 point to the x-state champ. the Last end, I shot 10-9-9. The x-champ shot 9-8-8.

    I won the game just by 1 (one) Point 133-132.

    i can tell you Rytera Nemesis, is a non-stop running horse. Other archer as i mentioned earlier. 3 of them had Equipment failure in the midst of the tourney.

    pic to share the moment of Joy...
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