Martin's website lists two AMOs for the jaguar take-down: 60" and 62" although the 60" AMO is on a current listing.

I bought a 60" AMO string (16st) to put on it but the brace height was 8.5" which is 1.5" over the recommended brace height. I'm going to buy a 62" AMO string to see if it fits but all the current listings for the bow say it has a 60" AMO and I bought it a month ago at Bass Pro Shops. Did they sell me an old bow? They didn't give me a bowstringer with the bow either.

Any idea why this is?

Actual length from tip to tip is 58.5"
Actual length of factory string is 57" (after a month of use)
Actual length of replacement string I got is 55.5" (60" AMO)