I copied my post from AT to here:

First I'd like to wish Mr.Gail Martin a happy retirement that is long over due.
My dad introduced me to archery over 50 years ago and when I was taken into an archery shop to get fitted for my first recurve bow it was a Martin. Over the years for time to time I would stray to other bow manufacturers, but have always kept some Martins in the stable close at hand. I have never stopped shooting them. My backup bow for hunting has always been a Martin if not the primary bow and there have been many times I was glad I had that backup. I am so very glad that I bought a 2012 Martin Cougar FC w/Fury XT cams, I drooled over this bow for almost a year and purchased it on Dec.18th, 2012. This bow will stay with me to be handed down forever. I have two son's that I have brought up as archers too.

Thank you Mr. Gail Martin and family for the years of hard work and dedication to this great sport!