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Thread: bamboo viper vs. fibreglass backed bows

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    Default bamboo viper vs. fibreglass backed bows

    I want to purchase a bamboo viper ( still saving up ) and I talked to a guy who has one a he said that with the bamboo backing on the viper it works completely different than any other longbow.. He said that if you have a 60# viper it will feel a lot lighter on the drawback than a regular fiberglass backed bow... A 60# bamboo viper will feel more like a 45 - 50# drawback because of the action of the bamboo backing ... IS this true??? Right now I have a 55# bear Montana longbow but it has quite a bit of hand shock to it and the person told me that the bamboo viper has almost none.... IS this also true???? I would like an unbiased opinion if possible...

    thanks for any info

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    I have a 50# Bamboo Viper, along with many other recurve and longbows. It is my opinion that the reverse it true. With the Bamboo Viper, it does draw 50# @ 28", but it seems to draw more weight through out the draw length.

    The bow is very fast, and it is great to shoot. I would order what ever seems comfortable for you to shoot.

    Good luck!

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    Default maybe a 50 then

    i wish someone had a left hand in stock that i could shoot... maybe i might get a 50# instead if it seems like that


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