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Thread: Slayer limb?

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    Default Slayer limb?

    Anybody shooting a slayer with 13 inch limbs? I have one with 14" limbs but would like to put the 13" that we have on it. Need cable and string length, but they aren't in the tech info. Only thing posted there are stats for 14"

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    Why would you want to do that?

    13" is only for C.A.T. cams.

    I assume you are shooting Nitrous cams?

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    Did you check the bow/cam charts? If you're shooting Nitrous cams, string and cable length will be dependent on which base cam is on your bow. The length might be on the 2006 Slayer Extreme charts. The bow as actually offered with both 13" and 14" limbs that year, if memory serves me right. 14" was the Slayer and 13" was the Slayer Extreme.

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