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Thread: Trophy Taker Smackdown or NAP Apache Carbon

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    Default Trophy Taker Smackdown or NAP Apache Carbon

    For those that have used these rests, what are your opinions?

    I want a full capture dropaway rest for my Firecat, and my current Trophy Taker dropaway will be going on my Jaguar.

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    I have a Smackdown, as well as several older TT full containment rests. I personally prefer the older style that attached to the down cable. The new style seems to be a little bit louder, as well as harder to set-up. I also have a NAP Apache, though not the carbon version. I think it's pretty much a toss up between the two, with the NAP being quite a bit cheaper, but every bit as good. It's also lighter. Getting ready to try out a QAD if my new bow ever shows up. lol
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    Default I like the C Apache

    Love the carbon apache on my pantera. Got it cheap offa eblay. Light and quiet and the side load is easier.Was easy to set up. No experience with TT.

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    I have no experience with NAP. I do love all my TT Products. I have the Smackdown that connect to the lower limbs. it's so easy to adjust...even a Double S can do it.! It's that simple. lol.

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    Default TT SmackDown

    I just switched from a QAD HDX to a TT Smackdown FC...I really thought the QADs where quiet, and have nothing bad to say about QAD, but I didn't know what silence was until I installed a TT Smackdown on my carbon matrix...I don't have any experience with the NAP
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    Default Trophy Taker Smackdown or NAP Apache Carbon

    I am not familiar with the Smackdown, but some with the standard Trophy Takers and all have been good.

    The NAP Apache I do have experience as in I can't keep one for myself. Sold I don't know how many. When I get another I'm hiding it. Easy to set up, full containment, arrow will pick up where ever arrow is inside the cage. I have used the Apache on my target bows and had excellent results.

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