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    Default Keeping things simple?

    I am setting up a brand new 2012 Cougar FC for myself that I just aquired before Christmas.
    I am having a hard time deciding on the arrow rest to use.
    This is going to be my primary hunting bow, so I prefer to keep it as problem free and simple as possible.
    I need pros and cons on full carture rests and prong style rests. I have always gone with complete fletching free prong style rests and have not had the problems I hear from others about arrows falling off the rest while drawing back. Do I stay with what I know?
    I do not want any fall away rests. I have seen more problems with them than I care for. In the swamps I bow hunt whitetails I don't need more cords and strings to catch on brush and briars.

    Thanks for any input!

    Mike G
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