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Thread: New Bengal Pro - Adjustments/ noise

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    Default New Bengal Pro - Adjustments/ noise

    Hello from Austria!! (-> warning: non-native-english-speaker)

    I finally got my new bengal pro and im loving it!!!

    This is my first martin (i shot a hoyt rampage xt before) and i have two questions:

    1. What exactly is over-rotation and when does it occur?? Do you over-rotate the cam if you dont coordinate the draw lenght with the draw stop?? (For example using 26'' and moving the drawstop-peg all the way to +)

    Is this cam set correctly??


    2. Why is my bow so loud? Im using string-silencers but the bow makes some strange (metallic?) sound when i shoot it.. I heard that this could be caused by over-rotation?!
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