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    Default My Review of my new 2011 Ridge Hunter...

    I know this isn't a current bow in the Martin lineup. I know that i can be harsh on Martin at times on here or AT, but........

    I quickly have to say that this is the best Martin bow i have ever shot period ! I shot a few 2013 models and they were spectacular. This ridge hunter is up there with them. It might have something to do with the riser design possibly. This bow fits me well.

    Fit and finish is very good, it might be wearing off a touch on the grip.....I'll watch it and see.... I would give it a 9.5

    The grip is great! A rating of 10. It fits so torque. Very Accurate!

    The Strings are pretty good. The peep I have to twist once in awhile, but decent strings for factory originals. I really like the color combo to it. A 9 for strings.

    The Cam, which i have had on 2 previous 2009 bengals is great. Super smooth, Very adjustable, Plenty fast. Rating of 10

    The draw cycle is great, I would put it in the same category as the cam on the diamond black ice......Rating of 10

    Absolutely no kick....dead in the hands, better than my old mathews outback.... Rating of 10

    No Vibe really to speak of, a little if you don't have a stabilizer.....rating of 10

    Noise at the is where i always had problems with, with Martin. But this rig is quiet. Quieter than my Black Ice. I'm very happy with the shot noise. The only real thing I or anyone can here is my release clicking. I would give it a rating of 9.0-9.5 ish. = truly a great surprise!

    Now speed..........really really happy with the speed here. It's zipping out there i would say 280ish fps...
    My specs.... 28dl, 63-65lbs. 370grains-carbon express 350maximas.
    My 20 yard pin from 30 yards out drops maybe 2 inches. Very happy with the speed and the way my arrows hit my bag. I've had some slow martins, one bengal and one firecat was slow. I just had a firecat that was maxed out at 59lbs...28dl...and it was noticeably slower than this ridge hunter.....although the draw cycle was pretty dang sweet with the nitro cams. All in all the speed has to be right on with IBO....rating 10
    When at full draw this is rock solid steady, coupled with a great grip and with the adjustable cam, draw stop and, rock solid back's a shooter

    i will post pics later this week or next. But for now i will be taking this out for atleast 2 hunts before the end of the season.
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