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Thread: 5 Dollar wraps for 185 arrows.

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    Default 5 Dollar wraps for 185 arrows.

    I bought some AAE Max hunter vanes for my sons new arrows and saw this 1" white wrap tape for 4.99 plus shipping on EBAY and decided to give it a try. It was easier than i thought and cheaper compared to the dozen ready to wrap tapes. The instructions told me to use the rough side of a glass cutting board and marked it for the desired lengths I wanted. I already had a glass cutting board that I never used so I just used a metal carpenters square to get everything marked properly.

    White wrap tape, metal carpenters square, Permanent marker, razor blade and arrow shaft.

    Lay tape across the glass board. I prefer 7 inch wraps..So I can get two wraps from the board at 7 and 14 inches.

    Cut with Razor blade.

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