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Thread: Martin Lynx M-7

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    Default Martin Lynx M-7

    I have an older Lynx Bow .. It has been in a case stored in my attic for a few years.

    I just got it back out and want to start shooting again and i have a couple of questions.

    1st it is a left handed bow

    1. Overdraw/arrow rest - I would like to change to an over draw I have long arms and the arrows are a bit long.
    2. If I do change to an overdraw/arrow rest, do I need to change my Knock Point on the string?
    3. Should I replace the bow string?
    4. The Martin/arrow rest now has come off ... if i keep the same set up, what type of epoxy was used to affix it to the bow?
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    The rest is not part of the Martin wood panel and should peel off. Not sure what kind of glue to use.
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    Now that there is what I would call an antique. Old, but still serviceable. Possibly made in the mid 80's. First thing I would do is replace the string, but be sure you use a string made of either Dacron or B50 material. With steel cables you can't use modern fast flight materials.

    Secondly, I would advise not using an over draw. Over draws were commonly used on older bows and for a reason---more speed. However, this was back before the advent of carbon arrows so shooting an aluminum arrow of shorter, lighter spine also made the arrow faster. This si not necessary with most carbon arrows these days. Depending on what carbon arrows you'd choose they can be properly spined and light weight or heavy weight and anything in between. Also, even with carbon arrows you should keep the weight of the arrow fairly heavy, about 9 gr/lb of draw weight, to ensure you don't damage the cables or the limbs.
    Your arrows, especially for hunting, should extend beyond the riser because the riser on your bow is not machined to allow broadhead tipped arrows to be drawn past the front end of the riser.

    That wooden emblen can be glued back on this any epoxy your heart desires as it is not supposed to support the rest. For a rest I would recommend something like an old tried and true prong rest or even something like a Whisker bisquit if shooting with a release. If shooting fingers then something like a Star Hunter by Cartel or an AAE Free Flight or similar type of rest will suffice.

    Now, to do all this stuff and get the right rest, string, etc. I would find a decent archery shop in your locale and have them do the work. They should be able to help you pick arrows if you want new ones. Just note that with a bow this old your choices will be somewhat limited as it is not a modern high performance bow. A good shop should tell you all this, too.
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