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Thread: What's your New years resolution?. It doesn't have to be archery related post up!.

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    Smile What's your New years resolution?. It doesn't have to be archery related post up!.

    Resolution #1.

    I start another round of my diet right after the first of January. On my first weight loss, I lost around 45 pounds total. I did gain about 6 pounds back in three months. I'm going back on my 500 calorie diet and a lot of Coffee and tea to drink. it's only 28 days. I want to get down to the weight I was when I graduated from the Correctional Peace Officers Academy. My Borderline type 2 diabetes never came back. I'm still using Stevia and still Gluten free.

    Resolution #2.

    Be a better father and husband....I can always improve.

    Resolution #3

    Step up my archery game and improve from the last year. I think if i lived closer to a big city..It would be easier to get to the next level mentally. I have no archers around to shoot with. Except for my son.

    I Wish and pray that all my Martin Brothers and Sisters have a great New Year safe..
    I pray that everyone has a better upcoming year with greater opportunities...I wish you all good health, great fortune and that your arrows fly straight and your Martin bow stand tall upon the winners podium!.

    A Bowhunter Prayer

    Clean Kill or No Kill, Lord

    0 Lord, I am a hunter
    And life I seek to take
    But let me not attempt the shot
    Beyond my skill to make
    For Lord they are your creatures
    Given for our use
    But each one falls within your sight
    They're not for our abuse
    And when I loose my arrow
    Please guide it swift and true
    Or let it miss completely, Lord
    That pain be not undue
    A clean kill or no kill, Lord
    Such is my heart's desire
    Give me the skill to make it so
    Or let me hold my fire
    And when my time upon this earth
    The days they are fulfilled
    Grant that I may die at least
    As clean as those I killed

    Timothy D. Cook
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